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Hi folks,
Ford had announced the Escape for (MY?)2003, but the <> web site has not been updated for some time. So I asked. Here is the reply that I received.

Dear Nathan,

Thank you for your interest in the Ford Escape HEV. Our Web site is unfortunately a bit ambiguous about the introduction date for the HEV. The Escape HEV will reach the showrooms late in calendar year 2003 and will probably be sold as a 2004 model. This date meets our chairman's promise that Ford would offer a hybrid EV for sale by the end of 2003. Since our production ramp-up is gradual, there's a slight possibility that some HEV dealers won't receive their first vehicles until the first quarter of 2004, though we're working hard to ensure that there will be enough HEVs to meet demand in the early months of production.

Thanks again for your interest in the Escape HEV, and please feel free to e-mail me again any time if you have more questions or comments. I also invite you to visit our Web site at often for the latest news on this exciting new SUV, and be sure to fill out our online survey next time you visit.


Jim Castellano
Ford Motor Company
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