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Sometimes you get lucky

I agree! Luck has alot to do with it. Be willing to look around often and sometimes you fall into what you want. I tried the internet route and had actually given up. I decided to buy a Camry. I checked for a model I wanted on the internet search and cold called a dealer about ten miles away. I asked about the Camry and in passing mentioned that I really had wanted a Prius but knew there was no chance. He then asked me what color and package I was looking for. I told him and he replied that he had just gotten one (the color and package I wanted) and the buyer changed his mind. I bought it on the spot. Went right to the dealer and drove it home 5 hours later. What I didn't find out until after I paid for it was that the dealer had made calls to the other people on his waiting list and I had bought it before they responded. Apparently the salesman goofed. It was plain dumb luck. While I feel bad for those waiting, I wouldn't give up my Prius for anything. It is a great car and worth the wait.
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