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I live in the Atlanta, GA area and have been on a waiting list for the past three months, for a while package 7. The dealer didn't have any idea as to when the car would be coming in. Called the President of Southeastern Toyota Distributors, and he didn't know when it would be available.

Last Saturday, after thinking about other options for me (such as another car altogether), I decided to wait for the car. My wife started calling all the dealers in Georgia, TN, LA, and TX. She was told by one of them that staying out of southeast was a good idea. She then called Hartford, Ct., the dealer had a car not the color or package I wanted. She then called Alexandria Toyota in Virginia, and they had the exact car we were looking for. The salesperson, John DeMoss, was extremely helpful, as we did the entire transaction over the phone. I paid MSRP for the car, and after giving a deposit, and faxing the paperwork back and forth, we flew up to Virginia and drove the car home.

My advice is to wait for the car, it's extremely worth it, however, call, call and call again, and keep looking for a dealer who has the car.
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