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Hey Everybody!

I have a 2008 Prius that has been quite the hassle as of latley! Here's a little back story, this all started 2 weeks ago when my Best Friend blew a tire and I went to help her, well since then I havent been able to shake this vehicle. lol. So in the past 2 weeks, I have done with:

  • Two new tires
  • detailed the vehicle (the works! it hadn't been cleaned in over 9 months!)
  • replaced interior vent trim pieces (all to break one again working on the MFD)
  • replaced lightbulbs (Turn signals, brakes, running lights, and interior dome light)
  • new key (old key didnt unlock or lock the vehicle, it had nothing but the security chip in it!)
  • replaced the ACC relay
  • replaced fuses
    • 13 ECU-B
    • 33 EFI
    • 4 ACC
    • 8 AMP
  • replaced Air Filter
  • replaced Cabin Air Filter
  • replaced 02 sensor (Downstream)
As you can see, its quite a list but well worth taking care of my best friend. Anyways, I have had this issue with the MFD (and I can tell its been a issue with many!) but this one I cant quite figure out. From what I have read from other posts, I was able to get the screen to come to life again (which never worked since she owned the car!) So I replaced it, and it will be fine and dandy for 1-4 days depending on how much I am driving. So fuse 13 will blow. So when this happened the first time, I tried to replace the fuse ( Fuse 13 15a) and it would spark, so I was unable to replace it for days. After some research I found that I might need to replace the relay. So after searching, I purchased the relay from Advance Auto Parts (Carquest) and it worked perfect, I was finally able to put the fuse in again without a light show. Well, it didnt last that long and now it is doing it again. Nothing out of the ordinary goes on when it pops the fuse, I literally was changing lanes and it blew. So can someone help me or maybe lead me to another issue that might be happening to get this to work! I am thinking about cutting a deal with my local toyota dealer to help with the diagnosis, but I really dont want to drop the money without exhausting my resources. Any ideas or information that can help would be amazing!
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