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Not Prius related, but my first car
was also haunted. The horn was only
one of several issues it had, but...
Turned out to be a rare case that
the little metal contact clip that's
under the steering wheel cover was
slightly bent. On hot days when the
car was in the sun, the little metal
clip would expand, and press itself
against the contact plate, making the
horn sound continously. All I could
do was pull back the covering of
the area that you'd normally push
to sound the horn, to make it stop.
Very difficult to do while driving.
The car didn't have AC, so I'd have
to drive with all windows open.
Anyhow, the fix was to replace the
steering wheel horn contact, and all
was fine again.
(Worst occurance was it going off
all through my outdoor High School
Graduation ceremony - and I couldn't
get up/out to stop it!)

Anyhow, since part of the fuel gage
TSB is to replace the combination
meter, perhaps the dealer accidentially
knocked another wire a tad loose,
giving you a loose connection? My
only other thought would be an
installed alarm system malfunctioning,
thinking it needs the panic alarm
or something...

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haunted alarm

Do you carry a cell phone with you, and where do you store it?

There's been this report of someone's alarm going off "randomly" - it was a 2003 with the GBS, but... their cell phone, kept in the driver's door pocket, was triggering the alarm every hour or so, whenever it chatted with the nearest tower: ... sage/78645 (you do not have to be a member to view the message...)

I'm not surprised. I cannot bring my current cellphone into the same room as my computers while they are on (well, at least their speakers). Every so often, I hear a fluttering sound from the speakers, which is really loud and startling if the cell phone is right next to the speakers, quiet when further away...
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