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I have a new 2017 Prius Prime Advanced and the hatchback opens so high my wife can't reach it to close it and I worry it will hit the garage door when garage door is open and above the open Prius Hatch. it is a hair away from hitting it.
I have seen many suggestions including a bungie cord - I can't see this as working long term without damaging something, and a step stool. I see screws placed along the side of the hatch near where the lift piston is attached. these screws do not appear to be doing anything and they also look to be perfectly placed to receive the end of the lift piston if moved and shorten the height that the hatch can open to. Has anyone tried this? I wonder about damaging the pistons or if perhaps the screws are indeed securing something I can't see inside the hatch. Love to hear ideas on this.

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