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I've been on Sprint for ages and am still thinking of sticking w/them (their calling plans are the best deal for me) but I'm now coming to a point where I do need a new phone. Sprint finally has the Motorola Razr so I was wondering if anyone's tried it w/the Prius' Bluetooth integration and can report on their experiences?

I'm looking for comments like: good/bad, phantom calls (I hear that was a prob w/the Samsung A900), reliable/unreliable, poor sound quality, echoing, limitations, etc.

BTW, even though Verizon is CDMA like Sprint, just from a 1 minute look, I can tell that the UI and menus on the Sprint Razr are TOTALLY different than Verizon. Verizon seems to now have standard UI across all their non-PDA phones even amongst phones from different manufacturers. Also, no need to suggest T-Mobile, since they are total crap in my area.
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