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Just had our 8,000km service done on our 2005 Prius. (We've only had it 3 months, got it as a demonstrator with 2,500km)

Pleasant surprise: :eek:
Oil change and oil filter - $17.50,
Labour - $15.45,
Check fluid levels, tire pressures, lube doors and hinges - no charge,
Steering recall - no charge,
Alignment as I complained steering wheel was off centre - no charge,

Cheap enough, but!
The final bill - $0.00

That's right, no charge.

Heninger Toyota gives free oil changes for life of vehicle if purchased from them. Great service, eh?

I don't think they changed the cabin air filter, but maybe that's a later service.
The tech made no mention of my EV only button on the steering column cover, either.
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