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This may be a little OT, but...
If you know a hardcore Playstation2 gamer with a Japanese market or modded PS2 you have to experience the Gran Turismo Prius!
The Gran Turismo series bills itself as the "Real Driving Simulator" and Sony & Polyphony Digital have truly brought the Hybrid Synergy Drive to life on GT4:prologue!
There is one license test where you must maintain a 10km per liter fuel economy to pass. The energy monitor, digital speedo, silent takeoff, toggling stealth mode, and the best of all, regen braking with it's own enhanced realistic noises, it's all there, and I think much of this realism will be lost on the avarage gamer or driving game enthusiast!
Even the ECVT and out of synch engine revs are here. Now you can beat on a new Prius, drive it sideways thru turns, and keep your warranty in effect!
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