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Got our new Prius!

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8) Got our new Prius this weekend. Traded in my SUV, I wonder how many are doing that? Got an average of over 50mpg on the way to work, according to the computer. From what I've read here, It sounds like the system MPG is a bit higher than actual, but who cares? We also found out that the cruise control is much better at getting the best gas mileage than our feet on the gas peddle. :shock: We're really having fun with it, thank you everyone for your input on this forum, it sure helped to be educated when making this decision, I've never in my life researched a new car like this! :roll:
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Congrats on your purchase!

> I've never in my life researched a new car like this!

Hybrids are creating smarter consumers. The information gained from the curiousity about the new technology means automakers won't be able to pull the same marketing gimicks on us anymore. What will they do to survive now?
I could only hope that they would follow suit and produce more SULEV vehicles! If it's by hybrid or fuel cells or solar or combo, I don't really care. Bottom line is to get people to buy them! I told my friend years ago that I would buy a car like this when they became "main-stream", even if I had to pay more for it than a "normal" car. She won't give up her SUV or her truck, she's driving even more miles than I do. When a viable alternative is produced at a reasonable cost, maybe she'll consider it. Thank goodness we live in a country where we have that freedom of choice! The fanatics who past stickers onto the paint of people's SUV's are just hurting the "cause" of alternative energy. It does nothing except make people mad :evil: . I hope that our 1 small purchase contributes to encouraging the auto makers to keep pushing for new tech and get more "green" machines into production :!:
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kabri said:
8) Got our new Prius this weekend.
What dealership did you end up going to? We have pretty much decided to wait and see that the 2004s look like.

We bought at Michaels, in Bellevue. Very convenient to my I-90 commute if I need service. (I sent you an email) they did not know much about the car, but I was expecting that anyway. (sales man did not know what the drive mode "B" was for, for example)

We could not wait, our SUV was racking up too many miles and getting close to needing a lot of work. Email me if you want more details! I sure like this car :!:
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