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...after a week of waiting - normally its 3 months

I bought an ex-demonstrator model with a few thousand miles on it so it took them a week to prep it and remove the transfers on the side saying "Think of 65mpg as normal"

Very nice drive home, stealth cruising various villages on the way home at 30mph. Journey averaged 53mpg (Imperial gallons)

A nice thing about the Prius in the UK if you live nr London like I do is that its exempt from the London Congestion charge (5 - $8 daily charge to enter london) so this saves about 1200 a year already compared to a regular car, before taking into account fuel consumption.

Otherwise its been great fun driving round in it today on the local country roads - some friends invited themselves round to check it out and were suitably impressed - the fine weather helped as well, though!

I heard the wheel sizes for the UK model is different to the US one so here is a pic for comparison:


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