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How lucky is this...
Went by the dealership in Roswell Ga to check on my 03 Prius, they are still waiting on caliper parts. As I was leaving the lot I just happened to notice a Salsa Red 2004 parked in front. It just came in that day.

I was on no waiting lists what so ever. Got in touch with the internet sales person, he said the guy that ordered the car really wanted pkg 9, this had pkg 8. I said is it available then?...he said if you can act quickly before anyone else in the dealerships sells it. I put things into motion, later that day, ( I still thinking I'm dreaming), I drove home with the car. Now I have an 03, and 04, and a 2001 Corolla ready to sell.

Again, how lucky is this...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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