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Good First Car???

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rear seat back on classic Prius ... eatRem.htm ... sage/29105

You can temporarily remove the rear seat back
on the non-folding US/Canada classic Prius.

For moving more stuff, I'd suggest
a luggage box for either the roof or
to mount on a rear hitch. Just be sure
to watch the max load weight of the car.

I'd probably suggest a classic Prius
for a graduating student. It's less
expensive initially, insurance will
be lower, parts should be easier to
come by (junked classic Prius around...)

If you're not used to driving, you should
get used to the 2004's wierd joystick
pretty easily, but may have issues
changing to another CVT or automatic
transmissioned car later.

Just don't do like one guy I recall
in HS (my 10 year reunion is next year already - eek!),
his family bought him a brand new BMW.
He totaled it in an accident. Same
to the 2 more BMWs that his family
bought for him as replacements... I
don't know how many more cars he went
through after that (moved away), but
I did see his obituary last year from
(surprise) an auto accident...
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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