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Good First Car???

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Tight.. That's so cool that you are getting a new Prius. I thought that I was one of the only 17 year olds driving one. (Average age is 52). It's great that someone your age is interested in the car, and not just something like a WRX cuz its fast. Be humble at school, but let people drive the thing once you've broken it in (people love to accelerate fast in someone else's car). People think its a slow, ugly turd car, but once they drive it, they love it. They can't believe that you don't need a key, and how cool the voice activated nav system is, how well it drives, etc... Caution, I hate to sound like an old lady, but I thought I was the best thing to hit the roads when I started driving at 16. I had a 2000 Outback, and I scraped the car on the side of the garage, I backed it into a pole, and I dinged the sides twice, and then I was at a stoplight and got rear-ended by a Silverado extended cab going 35 mph--and it was destroyed--I got a clean slate :D .... Be careful though...Enjoy the car
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