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My mileage dropped 4-5 mpg after my last dealer oil change. At first I suspected an over filled crank case, but after removeing 10 oz. (and was still above the full line on the dipstick) my mileage stayed the same. As Winter approached, and though temps were only in the 30s and 40s my mileage descended to 35 mpg. 36 mpg was my previous low back in 2000 when temps reached -15 F. I started to suspect that 10w30 oil was used instead of 5w30. Last Saturday my car sat outside all day and was around 5 degrees F when I started it. Low and behold I heard 4 distinct taps after the ICE started. That did it. Yesterday I changed to Mobil 1 0w30. Time will tell if it will help. We are expecting -10 F in the next few days...
Mitch MN White 2001
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