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2012 Prius Plug In
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Purchased a Gen III Prius Plug-in. It took a year to find one with a few bells and whistles in it way up here in Maine. Most here are 1s and 2s basic goodies.
Love the car. It has some things I need to adjust. I bought the plug-in because it seems to have Prius4 options like JBL stereo, auto dim rear view mirror etc.
This car allows me to relive my teenage driving around days on the cheap. Not quite a Ford Pinto though lol. I had a first year Honda CRX also and loved it.

So here's what I need to adjust -
1. Center console. Typical designer inspired pain in the a__. No matter how I adjust the seat my right leg gets shooting pain up to the buttocks after about a half hour driving. Does anyone make an aftermarket assembly to take the console out and replace it with an earlier gen joystick set up?
2. Headlites. I drive mostly 2 lane back woods roads like I was back in the days before interstate highways. That's just the way it is up here in Maine. Up here the wintry conditions make this dangerous especially at night when this old white haired blue eyed man already has a problem seeing in the dark, Prius headlights that aren't powerful, and the roads are really hilly and curvy. I crave auto dim highbeams!!! Is there a kit that I could install for this? There's already sensors on the car for all the Gen III radar assist cruise control etc., so could this be replaced with something and a computer patch do it? Another concern is they could provide a measure of safety if they automatically came on when it was raining. It has to be really really dark for them to come on. Can this be adjusted?
3. Side mirrors. Useless in the Winter most of the time here in the snow belt. Can I buy after market heated mirrors? Will they plug in and work or do I need another wiring harness, heater control assy, computer program etc etc?
4. Steering wheel. Does not telescope far enough towards driver. When I slide seat back to get legs comfortable the steering wheel is too fay away. So I can't slide it back enough and this exasperates the but hurt described above under center console. Another concern is it could provide a great measure of safety if they were heated.
5. Sun visor. Or lack of. Works OK for sun from ahead but is of no use to the side. I mean absolutely no use. None. Some visors have a slide out panel for side use. Is there one like this available online or from a different vehicle. My cardboard one is taking a beating...
6. Sway control. Car gets squirrely from side winds and road ruts like my old Ford Falcon. A mechanic told me "...we could change the shocks/struts..." lol I added a sway bar on the Falcon and it helped a lot. Is there something like that for the Prius Gen III?
7. Spare tire. Or lack thereof. Is there an engineering reason one of those small emergency wheels is not included? Would it hurt the car if someone used one? I'd gladly trade the charge cord stowage space for a spare tire.

Hope to hear your tricks...See you on the backroads...
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