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I have a 2002 Prius with the infamous brake problem. I'm losing my boost pressure. If I nurse the brakes hitting them gently at every stop, the car performs perfectly and stops fine. If I'm at a stop and I hold the brakes in with a little too much force, the Brake and ABS lights go on along with a constant beep. I bled the brakes several times to be sure there's no air in the system. The brake pedal feels good indicating that there's no air in the system. I used Techstream software to bleed the brakes and get error codes. The 2 codes I get are C1214 and C1256.
I went ahead and bought a used Brake Booster pump assembly that is mounted to the passenger side firewall. After i installed it, I found that the car is doing the same exact thing.
The pump recharges and stops when the pressure hits the limit but it seems like there's not enough volume to keep the brakes charged after an abrupt stop or if I sit at a light with my foot holding the pedal down for an extended period of time.
Did I buy a faulty used booster pump? Could the problem be somewhere else?

I appreciate your feedback!
Thank you,
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