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About Gas mileage. My 2004 - real world gas mileage averages between 39 and 43. I dont think I will ever see the 50 and 60 MPG that the sticker suggests. Well, I can live with this mileage. I am not about to drive the car on the freeway at 55 which would probably allow higher mileage figures and also probably subject me to road rage from other drivers. I am satisfied that I get over twice the mileage on this car than I did on my previous vehicle. I also am satisfied with the aftermarket warranty and service agreement which I bought from the dealer. I was, based on showing the dealer the information gleaned from this forum, able to negotiate the price of these warranties .

Toyota cannot, by law, tell any dealer the price at which they can sell a car Dealers are independently owned and operated businesses. If Toyota were to reduce a dealers allocation or in any other way attempt to punish the dealer for its sales policies, Toyota would be opening the doors to a lawsuit for restraint of trade and price fixing.

Many dealers will sell the Prius for MSRP. That is their right. Other dealers, according to postings I have read on this forum sell the cars at MSRP plus a substantial dealer markup. That is also their right and Toyota cannot and will not do anything about it. As a consumer, we each have the right to vote with our feet. If we do not like a particular dealers sales price, we have the right to walk away and find a dealer who will sell at MSRP.

If you place an order for a future delivery and want to protect yourself from the possibility of price gouging when the car arrives, be sure to include in your order the stipulation that the car will be delivered at the then current MSRP with no added dealer markup. Remember, a dealer is not bound by any oral agreement. Thus any agreement regarding pricing which you have with the dealer must be in writing.

I was satisfied with the dealer, Toyotatown of Stockton CA. I had ordered a Prius in early May and four weeks later the salesman called and informed me that he had received a cancellation on a Silver #9 which he would deliver at MSRP. I was really interested in a red car but my business partner said she would take the Silver car. When we arrived at the dealership the salesman said that he had just gotten another cancellation, also a silver #9 and if I wanted it, it was mine. I took it and we are both very happy with our cars, the dealer, and their service.

I have used the Satellite guidance system and have found that it is inaccurate. I reported the situation to Toyota customer service [800] 331-4331 and was given a case number. Toyota told me that a software update is due within the next month and will be dealer installed at no charge when it is available.

Finally, for those of us who are not mechanically challenged, Toyota has available a repair manual for the Prius.

Publication name: 2004 Prius repair manual.
Publication numbers: RM 1075U1 and M 1075U2.

Arizona Charlie

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Re: Gas Mileage- Price gouging-written agreements-repair man

Arizona Charlie,
Congratulations on getting your new Prius. Your comments regarding individual delear pricing is certainly accurate, and your advice relating to written agreements is valuable. As for your mileage, don't be so sure you won't ever hit the 50 mpg range. I'm a fairly normal driver, keeping pace with traffic at all times (generally posted speed limit + 5 mph) and I am currently averaging a combined 51 mpg.
Drive happy,
Moo :)
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