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Gas engine won't start with Master Warning & Hybrid Warn

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My 2001 Prius is having serious problems and the Prius Master Tech at my local dealer is unable to figure it out.

Six times since November 27, 2002, I get in my car, turn the key, and immediately the following indicators illuminate

  • * Check Engine (orange outlined engine)
    * Master Warning (large orange triangle with an exclamation mark)
    * Hybrid Warning (outlined car with a red background and a blinking exclamation mark)

About 10 seconds later, the gas engine stops. The first time I stopped and restarted the car and drove the car to the dealer (although the engine ran very rough). The indicators cleared themselves before the tech could finish his diagnostics.

The second time, my wife restarted the car and everything was fine.

The next four times, the car would not reset itself and had to be towed to the dealer for service.

I don't specifics yet, but I know that two ECUs have been replaced as well as the fuel tank assembly.

At this time, the tech is at a loss in figuring out what is wrong. I am wondering if anyone here has some suggestions to bring to the tech? I will also try to get more specific details in response to your questions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers ... Michael Wilson
Missing my Prius while driving a huge Envoy :cry:
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check the codes with the TSBs

Strangely, the Prius doesn't always store its error codes, but it usually does...

Make sure that the tech does check for any errant codes that's been stored. that should point him to the right area.

The no-start situation that you describe has 2 TSBs on it that I know of, depending on the stored codes...
Start here: ... ic=Vehicle and look up your 2001 (may also be under the 2002s). (They're also in the Files area of )

TSB EG009-01 (NHTSA sb623128 and sb622306) - P3155 and maybe P3000, no start after cold soak in freezing temps, replace HV ECU.
TSB EG006-02 (NHTSA sb630845) - "Engine Misfire" P0300/01/02/03/04 - may need valve clearance adjustment, replace fuel injector assembly/spark plugs, and replace Engine ECM
TSB EG012-02 (NHTSA 633999 and 635855) - P3191/P3190 and P3101 - low engine power output - may replace Fuel Tank Assembly, Circuit Opening relay, and Engine Control Computer (Engine ECM) (sounds like your tech has tried this one already...
don't know much about these: TSB EG015-02 (NHTSA 634009) or TSB EG018-02 (NHTSA 635861), as they haven't been released as PDFs yet...
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octane rating?

I was just reminded by reading a report on another Prius list about the TSB006-02 (the engine misfire one - with the fuel injectors...)

What grade of fuel do you use? and what is your elevation that your car resides in?

"Premium"/"high-test"/"high-octane" fuels have been known to cause check engine lights and also to lead to the issue of the above engine misfire... The Prius is designed to use 87 octane ("regular") gas. You only pay more and get no benefit from using a higher octane fuel (unless your high-octane fuel happens to also be low-sulfur...)
Re: octane rating?

mrv said:
What grade of fuel do you use? and what is your elevation that your car resides in?
I live in Toronto, ON; elevations are typically between 75m (at the lake) and 300m.

I use the standard grade fuel (which I believe is 87 octane), although that does bring to mind that the fuel changed around about the time the problems started. PetroCanada switches to their WinterGas that has a special additive, Tactrol. This year they are advertising it as being available from December 17 to March 3 and that there is 50% more than in past years. It probably started appearing in the station's tanks around late November when my problems started.


Cheers ... MAW
My Prius is now at Toyota Canada's Labs

After some letter writing to Mr. Tomikawa, President and CEO of Toyota Canada, my Prius has been hauled down to Toyota Canada's labs in Scarborough for the engineers to work on it. :(

Let's hope they have better luck at figuring things out.

Cheers ... MAW
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