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I have a set of four 14 x 5.5 steel "generic" black rims available for sale. $120 for the set. If you are near 10589 (NY, USA), I am willing to drive about 2 hours for delivery, otherwise you will have to pay shipping (I'd guess around $80 for the set).

I'm only selling them as a set of 4. (But feel free to break up the set later if you wish. If you can find another owner or three if you only want 2 rims for winter use or for use as a full-sized spare, that's fine, but you do the split of the set.)

I used the rims on my 2001 Toyota Prius between Nov. 2005 and April 2006 (<5 months), for about 2000 miles. I purchased them last fall (2005) in a tire/wheel package for use with my winter tires (Nokian WR). Since I recently moved out of MA (and do not have tire storage anymore, an unforseen circumstance last fall), I put the 4-season Nokian WRs that were on these rims onto my OEM alloy rims, and disposed of the old/worn OEM Bridgestone Potenza RE92 XL tires.

New from these rims were $49.99 each last Nov. 2005

The specs for the US 2001-2003 Toyota OEM Prius rims are:
14x5.5" 100mm bolt circle, (not sure if 40 or 45mm offset), 4 hole
(same wheel as the older 1993-2002 Corolla, and the pre-2004 Echo)

I don't have the exact specs on these steel rims, but they did work on my 2001 Prius and they are stamped 14x5.5 on the inside of the rims. Only 4 holes, so it's easy to put the wheels onto the car with this generic rim!

Note: these will not fit on the 2004-current Prius, whose US rims are:
15x6 JJ, PCD 100mm, 45mm offset, 5 hole
(same wheel as the Matrix and the newer (2003-?) redesign of the Corolla)

If you are interested in these other steel rims, let me know, or wait for my next post about them.
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