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Hi everyone i am new to this site, i have my prius for over a year now ,its a japanese import and is the mk1 built in 1998 ,i am very happy withit it.but the proplem is that no one has any idea about hubrid cars were i live,is there a way to change the language from japanese to english in the Multi display screen? and how do i change the time? what ever i do i canot find a way to do please hepl.
Thank you in advance.

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Japglish '04 manual.

Who can translate the new 2004 manual from japglish to english. I think we all should complain to Toyota Corporate to create a new manual, written by a non-ESL and send a copy to every owner. Who wants to start the petition?

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Andreas, I'd be interested to know, is your Prius the same as the Classic, sold in the U.S., model years 2001, 2, 3? Or is the Original actually a different model than the Classic? And if different, is it significantly different or just minor style changes?

I'm thinking that if it's significantly different we might hope for the next generation as early as the 2007 model year, but that if it's the same or very similar we may have to wait six years.

As to your question, if yours is the same as the Classic, you might look for a copy of the Classic owner's manual. Otherwise, I suggest finding an exchange student from Japan, or the Japanese language department at a local university. Most of my '04 owner's manual is common-sense stuff. The actual how-to stuff is very little, and if you found a Japanese speaker you could probably go through it verbally, taking notes, in half an hour, or an hour at most, and have all the important information.

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Re: Prius MK1 user group

citicar1976 said:
Hi Andreas,
There is a Yahoo group that is dedicated to the Japanse import Prius.
It is "Mk1_Prius". You might find some help there.
Good luck!

They recently had a thread about how
to change the clock. Check the message
archives there.

The original 1998-2000 model year Prius
sold in Japan is a different car than
the 2001-2003 model year (sold in
Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc.).
They have the same body style (look
alike), but otherwise they are fairly
different. They have different style/size
battery packs, for example. The
display screen has a bunch of soft
buttons on the dash to push to change
modes on the screen in the original
Japanese Prius, whereas the 2001-2003
Prius has a touchscreen.
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