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bjm said:
did I read here on the post that when you buy a new prius, that the deal is first six oil changes are free? I haven't gotten my car oil changed yet, so i thought I'd ask you guys this about the free oil changes :p
first 5 regular maintenace visits
(7500mi/6months) in the US are free -
covers up to the 3yr/37500mi service.

Info is in your *PRIUS* Passport to
Performance (Scheduled Maintenance
Guide). First couple of pages
(assuming that your dealer gave you
the Prius booklet and not the
generic booklet...)

Since it's the regular services, it's
the oil/filter change and tire
rotation, all parts and labor free.
AC filter, engine air filter, are
also free on those visits. Just
make sure that they actually perform
all duties that are in your guide...
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