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Free NAV DVD set replacement window is closing!

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For those of us who were offered a NAV DVD upgrade based on complaints with the version we received, y'all remember the offer ends at the end of the year.

I was waiting until as close to the deadline as possible in order to get the latest greatest version (assuming multiple revs have come out since mine - perhaps not), but it's getting time to cash in.

I'll also be getting my 25k mile service, center console armrest fabric replacement, and the Service Bulletin ECU update at the same time.

Gonna be a busy day for my service tech.

(Come to think of it, I'll also be giving them hell for using 10W-30 oil AGAIN at the 20k service instead of 5W. The window sticker says 10W, so I assume that's what they put in, even though I specifically (as I do every time) told them to make sure to use 5W. grr...)
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Still no solid info on how to get 5.1 instead of 4.2...
I would seriously doubt the map info has been constantly updating all this time.

Reports are: 4.2 seriously awful compared to 3.x.

If 5.1 is as bad as 4.2, I'll live with it, but I'd prefer to skip a known bad in favor of a possibly bad...
Hi mikepaul, and others...

I'm not sure where you get your "reports," however, I went ahead and upgraded to Rel. 4.2 some months back and have not had any problems. 4.2 seems to function the same as 3.x in my Prius. I am generally satisfied with my NAV system features and performance. My NAV system positions are usually within <100' of my geographical location.

:lol: The innane responses to verbal request is the same as always but I view this as "entertainment" and have a good chuckle when my request "Go Home" results in "Showing PostOffice Icons" or some similar unrelated response. My driving is mostly limited to the metropolitan Dallas area so I haven't a large geographical area experience.
DanMan32 said:
My replacement is on order.
Any special effort to get 5.1?...
ChasSuitt said:
I'm not sure where you get your "reports," shows that there are unhappy people among the happy ones. I wanted to avoid something that sounded like I'd be unhappy with...

Well, I recieved the 40J update. It was 4.2. WAHHHHH! :cry:

On a good note, the addressing is more on target than 3.2 was. Food places on US 19 that were skewed by as much as 2 miles are now at the intersections they should be. Some restaurants that have changed are still showing as restaurants that have been closed a good many years now, but for the most part, pretty good.
My neighborhood still doesn't provide turn-turn guidance off of the nearest secondary road near my house, but does outline the way to go.
I've had no problems with the release that came with my '04, other than going off-map when I travel on roads that are less than 3-ish years old.

I'm just hoping for a general update, rather than a fix for what's broke, like some of you have experienced.
What is the basic issue here? I got my '05 in February, should I assume I'm not affected since I've heard nothing about this prior to? As far as I'm concerned, the guidance has been brilliant even in rural areas where I would not have expected good performance. Yes, the voice commands gang oft aglay but the guidance and map set are quite all right at least for the san diego to napa area.
Astrowoman said:
What is the basic issue here?
In some geographic areas, there have been widespread complaints of mapping errors. Because of this, Toyota offered to replace all copies of that particular version with a newer one.

For those who are affected by the bad data, the newer rev should improve things. For those of us who didn't have any real complaints (myself included), we'll benefit (in theory) from the addition of some new roads plus an updated business address & phone number directory.
Since the LSC 40J dealer letter goes on a bit (how to determine applicability and also order a new DVD off a dealer web site, and lists out all the affected vehicles with the optional Generation 4 Navigation (2004 and early 2005 Camry, Camry Solara, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Prius; and early 2005 Sequoia, Sienna, Tundra, 4Runner), I'll just list the Prius info...

VIN Ranges:
2004 KB20U 0001092 – 0116860
2004 KB22U 0001205 – 0116351
2005 KB20U 0116888 – 0131607

"Limited Service Campaign (LSC) 40J
2004 and early 2005 Model Year Toyota Navigation System Software Update
Q1: What is the condition?
A1: In recent months, Toyota has received reports of localized anomalies in the map details of the Navigation System for certain 2004 and early 2005 Model Year Toyota vehicles. Although by nature, map databases may contain a certain degree of inaccuracy, a noticeable decline in the precision of the map data was observed when directly compared to the 2003 Model Year Navigation system. In addition, these anomalies tended to be concentrated in particular areas.
Q2: What is the cause of this condition?
A2: A new vendor was selected to produce the map databases and Point of Interest (POI) locations for certain 2004 and early 2005 Model Year Toyota vehicles with Generation 4 Navigation System.
Q3: Which and how many vehicles are involved?
A3: Only certain 2004 and early 2005 Model Year Toyota vehicles equipped with the Generation 4 Navigation System are involved. There are approximately 46,000 vehicles involved in the U.S. market.

[snip other vehicles]
2004 Model Year: Approx.19,300
early 2005 Model Year: Approx.3,300
Total: Approx.22,600
Production Period: August 2003 to September 2004
[snip other vehicles]

Q4: Are there any other Toyota or Lexus vehicles involved?
A4: Yes, this condition also affects certain 2004 and early 2005 Model Year Lexus vehicles equipped with the Generation 4 Navigation System.
Q5: Will there be any functional/operational differences between the current Navigation System Software and the upgraded software?
A5: The voice guidance prompts may not be active in a small number of rural areas where the road data has not been verified. The recommended route will continue to be displayed on the Navigation screen with a light blue line.
Q6: What is Toyota going to do?
A6: Owners of the involved vehicles will receive a Limited Service Campaign notification by first class mail beginning November, 2004. Toyota dealers will update the Navigation System software at NO COST for a limited time. This program will be offered until December 31, 2005.
Q7: How long will the repair take?
A7: The software update will take approximately 30 minutes. However, depending upon the dealer’s work schedule, it may be necessary to make the vehicle available for a longer period of time.
Q8: When will this Limited Service Campaign expire?
A8: This Limited Service Campaign will be available at NO COST to the vehicle owners until December 31, 2005.
Q9: What should an owner do if they experience the condition?
A9: Owners are requested to contact their local Toyota dealer for diagnosis and repair."
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Any idea if the new 5.x version will do a better job at voice recognition?

I don't speak Wooki too good.
My area is not really rural. More like suburban. If only a small number of rural areas don't have turn-turn guidance, then Spring Hill should not be one of them. Heck, Spring Hill comprises the majority of the Hernando County population!

I have to give my dealer service dept writer some credit. He wouldn't plop the DVD in my hand, for fear of not getting the original one back, which he believed he had to return. But instead of having to wait for a tech to do the work which would have meant needless wait time, he had me pull the original DVD out, while he got the new one, then we swapped DVDs.
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