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I have a compliment for I recently have been "frequenting" and I have to say that the folks on THIS site are incredibly bright, concise, insightful, kind, and helpful.

There is no doubt that the other site is good also-- and is amusing with its "points" system. But this site is: (1) easier and faster to log onto; (2) easier to move around (you are probably going to muck it up and "make it "better" and more complex---- but for now-- it is super!);and (3) easier to locate topics of interest. Moreover, you have a GREATER number of different topics/questions that are informative and helpful.

Maybe folks on this site are just more comfortable asking about lots of things they do NOT understand or do not know about-- yet want to know about!

I have directed folks on the "other information forum" to priusonline for the info on the "paint pens: the neat Toyota device that has paint on one side and Clear Coat on the other side!

Just wanted you all to know that I appreciate your "smarts." You share the wealth of your experiences and knowledge readily and WELL. Thank you. :p
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