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Hey I also got mine at the same place at around the same time. I don't think they have one anymore because I was there yesterday to sign my finance paper. I signed up at several dealers in Sacramento and Bayarea. Toyota town guys are the first one to call me (7 weeks). According to the sales guy, they have about twenty people on the waiting list now.

I don't think not many people knows about this dealership and that is why we got ours pretty early. Good place to put your name on the waiting list.

By the way, my Prius already came with floormat and trunk cover from factory with $180 charge. I didn't complain because I was going to get one anyways.

Another place I put my name was Gweke Toyota in Lodi. They told me I was the #5 on the list (two month ago) but haven't called me, yet. Even though they have the short waiting list, they may not getting the large supply of Prius because of their size.
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