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Today, My Fiance and I are taking the Prius (Named Gary2, Gary1 is a Aprillia Scarabeo 150) up to Lake Arrowhead. The Drive is only 95 miles from my house, but some of it is Mountain driving. We are both very excited for the drive and last night checked the Nav with the house we were going to. Our friends who live up there told us that no one yet has found the house with their Nav systems, so I pleased to see that Gary2 knew where it was and how to get there.

My one concern is I do wish the Prius had a tach or a temperature gauge so I can visaully see how it does climbing. I know it will be fine, but would like to have the gauges anyway. At this point I would definately agree with Hyperion on this point and maybe the future models of the Prius will incorporate some more instrumentation. Other than that I am 100% satisfied with my Prius (2500 miles so far)

I will inform the post of my trip (i.e. MPG, etc.) when we return.
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