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Impressions after 1000 miles of driving my Prius (package 5, mudflaps, power outlet mod, auto dim mirror, window tint). Overall, this is a great car and I am pleased with my decision to purchase it. Averaged 48 MPG for the first 1K miles.

1) Body style - I love the futuristic look. It is just cool and the car is easy to spot in the parking lot
2) The quality of the paint job. Beautiful Millenium Silver! The overall quality of the car period!
3) Interior design - I actually look forward to sittling in the cabin. It is inviting and the fit and finish are excellent. Materials are first rate. Dash board/instrument panel is neat and easy to the eyes. MFD provides meaningful information in a clear fashion.
Lots of storage cubicles and plenty cup/bottle holders. Vanity lights on both visors
4) Smart Entry - What a great concept. No fumbling for the keys. All cars should have it.
5) The ride feels bigger than the size of the car conveys. I love the serene quiteness when stopped at a red light.
6) Hatchback versatility. I was torn between buying a Honda CRV and a Prius. Obviously the CRV provides lots of cargo space, but I was looking for the best MPG car on the planet and opted for the Prius. Well the hatchback trunk has already been used for large boxes, plants and other things. Plenty of room especially when folding the back seats. I also like the compartment under the trunk floor.

1) ICE coming on so quickly when the car is first powered up. EV mode is sorely needed (I hesitate to install an after market EV mod for fear of warranty impact).
2) Windshield wiper control lever gets in the way of the Park button and the shift lever. Rarely use Park mode.
3) JBL Audio System. It is adequate at best no matter what the tone settings are.
4) Inside liftgate release button would be nice.
5) No lumbar support adjustment. Thigh support could be improved.
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