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Put my name on the list mid September #1 Finally picked up my salsa Red this evening. Dealer told me Thursday but I drove thru the lot today and of course there it was so....
Pkg 1 with 6 disc in-dash cd player, Self-Dimming Mirror with Homelink, Mats and the ever popular Toyoguard, Yes I live in the SE Region (Oh now I understand)
This is one beautiful automobile, love the Salsa Red.

I talked to the Manager and he said I would get 3 years free oil change and tire rotation. Great!! but.. I thought this was eliminated with the 2004. Anybody have more info on this?

The fellow who completed my loan paperwork also said that I would not get the three year Roadside Assistance - Had to have the Toyoguard Plus to get this. I have been reviewing my paperwork and note that there is a card in the paperwork for Roadside Assistance. I find that I know so much more about this car and what one is entitled to than the dealers (All from reading this and other forums)

Will spend tomorrow morning reading manuals and just getting to know this wonderful car.

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2004 freebies

3 years/36,000 miles of free Toyota
Roadside Assistance comes with the
2004 Prius. That's a tow service /
jumpstart / lockout / out of gas stranding
type of service. You also get a
tire/wheel road hazard warranty in
that package.

The free 3 years of free oil/filter
and tire rotations are no longer
provided by Toyota on the 2004 Prius.
(It was offered on the 2001-2003
classic Prius.) However, it is
possible that some dealers may do
a similar program for customer

Note that the above info is only
for US Prius.

(If you decide to purchase the Toyota
prepaid maintenance program (premium version) with
your 2004, then that would be similar
to what was offered to classic owners
for free.)

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MRV: Thanks for the info. Hard to believe that I actually got something from this dealer. Fully expect that when I take it in for the oil change they will say "Oh no, that was for the 2003" I have documented our conversation but who knows how much good that will do.
btw: I lived 17 years in NH, Hampton, and Dover- Great place to raise children, love NE but just could'nt take the cold anymore so retired to the South.
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