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I have been filling up by calculating how much gas I used based on the MFD, adjusting for error.

When I was trying to find the error amount, I originally calculated 3.6% (MFD higher than actual). Eventually after a couple of tanks, gas came out of the nozzle, but flowed back in. Next tank, gas was at the neck.

Readjusted for 2.6%, and that kept the same level, at the neck.

In all times, I had to continue pumping after the first click.

After determining that my 2.6% adjustment is about right, I put .25 gal less than calculated so as to not get to the very top as it had been.
Still have to go beyond that first click.

So, since I can see gas at times after the click, but othertimes not, at least here, gas going back to the station's pump is not my observation.
I can pretty much state the same for other cars I owned.

But then, we may not have the same recovery system that some high pollutionn states may have.
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