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john1701a said:
> Would B-mode be most appropriate for cold, slippery weather

Yes. I recommend it, in fact.

Just yesterday I got to test that ability out 3 times.

It really is helpful for controlled braking, where you want to reduce the risk of slipping. And shifting into "B" on-the-fly is effortless. You can do it simply by reaching, then pulling down. Toyota very strategically positioned the shifter for that, so you could activate "B" even when driving attention is at tense levels.

Try it. You'll like it.
I agree that "B" mode is useful in slippery conditions. I've been using it quite a bit latley. However, as with any vehicle, be careful that you don't break your tires loose when shifting. One other thing to note is that you are likely to hear some high RPM sounds using this method to slow your Prius. I think this is the ICE spinning, but others here are far more qualified to explain the technical forces at work. All I know is that it's a little disconcerting at first.
Drive happy,
Moo :)
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