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Hi, for a while now external exhaust fumes have been coming into my 2012 Prius cabin. It's particularly noticeable when they are diesel fumes. I've also has odors from wood chippers and restaurants come into the car.

The air is always on and in recirculate mode.

I took the car to a local Toyota dealer and said it would cost 2500 dollars to start just to take off the dash and suggested I just repeatedly hit the circulate/recirculate button. I think they were just blowing me off.

I went to a local garage with a very good reputation. They took a look, did some tests, were unable to replicate the problem, and didn't charge me a cent. A friend suggested I try repeatedly changing the mode from circulate to recirculate with the air on full. That didn't help. After a couple more weeks I went back to the local garage and asked them what their best guess was. They said the blend door. I checked with two other mechanics and that was their best guess as well so I went ahead and paid 1200 dollars to have a new blend door actuator installed.

Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. Has anybody here ever had this issue or have any ideas? I'm at wits end. I can't continue to drive the car if the cabin is filling with exhaust fumes. I notice it most frequently on the commute home from work when I'm climbing a hill on a freeway where there maybe a big rig or two.

This evening I drove to a local beach community and drove along a popular street with a lot of restaurants. The smells from the food came into right into the car. That doesn't bother anywhere near as much as the exhaust fumes.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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