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Extended warranty change?

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Hello All,

I have had the Prius for about 20 days so far. Still absolutely no complaints. I just love little Electra.

I went with the extended warranty of 7 years and 75000 miles, but now thinking how much I love to drive this car, I wish I had gotten the 6 year 100,000 miles one.

Does anyone know off hand if you can switch warranty coverage to a different plan? Reading my warranty, it states that I can cancel the warranty for a fee of $25 dollars, but do not mention a change of terms. I called the warranty hot line number to ask, and they stated that I should contact my dealer. Anyone have any experience in this?

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downgrade warranty

You dealer should have no problem exchanging you 7/75 for 6/60, Toyota will refund you the difference in several weeks.

sorry I thought 6/60 . The route will still be the same, you should owe a difference. I do not know the price of 6/100k . I got the 7/75k and paid $635(I use to work there). If I had bought the 7/100k I would have paid $980. So even in my example the difference is $300 some dollars.

The botton line is that you can change the extra care especially after 20 day.
Should be ok for any car

I don't know about the Prius in particular, but it is my understanding that you can extend the warranty ANY time you are still within the original warranty you purchased, if you are willing to pay the difference. I found this out when I was doing my general car-buying research before I decided to go with the Prius.
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