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Hi All,

New to this forum and looking for a solution to a problem Im having with my Prius C 2013, 90,000.00 KMS

Last month I got the error message: ¨Check Hybrid system, park your vehicle in a safe place immediately¨. I brought it directly to the local dealer for them to check and they found error P0A80-123: replace battery package and suggested me to make an appointment for a check up. So I did, and the dealer didnt found any error in the hybrid system but recommended my to purchase a new batter: S34B20R at USD860 excl tax.

I had just replaced the aux. battery in february by a general 12V one for $130 so this price and suggestion from the dealer did not seemed right.
The error message came for the first time in April and after the check up (where they eliminated the message) it came up again this month May.

Can anyone give me an advise on error essage P0A80-123 and the sugegstio to get a new S34B20R battery? It is a costly change of battery and I do not get the guarantee it will solve my problem.....
Also any suggestions to get this battery anywhere else for a more reasonable price, please let me know

Thanks in advance,
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