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I have a 2002 classic Prius which has run into some repair and major maintenence issues in the past year or so. In my town (Jacksonville, FL), we have three Toyota dealerships. By far, the most honest and pleasant experiences we have had have come from Ernie Palmer.

We had originally used another major area Toyota dealership until we brought in our Prius for brake inspection (we were hearing squeaks). The Prius repair crew said we needed an entirely new brake system for $3000. After talking with DanMan and others on this forum, we drove our Prius to Ernie Palmer for a second opinion.

Ernie Palmer said that there was no leak and that what the others had found was merely a bit of brake fluid spilling from our last fluid change. No charge!

I called back the original Toyota dealership to discuss this discrepancy. The lead mechanic insisted that he was right--we had a MAJOR leak and the brakes were likely to fail at any minute.

Well....been driving her for over 3 months since squeak, no squeal, no faulty brakes. Hmmmmm......

We now wholeheartedly recommend Ernie Palmer (and back-up checks with the astute members of this forum!).
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