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Well, my frustration has miraculously been ended by a very nice guy
who posted on one of the yahoo forums last night, and I'll be picking up my Prius in Memphis tomorrow!!!

However! What do I have to do as far as engine break-in procedures are
concerned..... seeing as I have a 6 hour drive home from Memphis,TN to
Bloomington, IL??

I've heard the manufacturer says to keep the speed low (55-65)and at
low RPM's with no hard accelerations. Well, it's the highway, so I
can't make any promises there.

I've also heard you should drive the vehicle like you'd normally drive
it to get the engine attuned to what you specifically do.

Which one do you guys recommend? What happens if you screw this up?


Matt Dukes

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re: engine break-in

According to Tom and Ray, (aka Click and Clack) it's a good idea to take it easy for the first 600 to 1000 miles to help everything seat. Do vary the engine speed, but don't push it too high. If you don't break your car in, you run the risk of having it be an oil-burner later on in its life.
Congratulations on finding a car. I'm still (patiently) waiting for mine.
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