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Engine Block Heater

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It does get cold here in South Jersey, I'd like to add an engine block heater for those cold mornings of winter. I have the AC power on a timer which turns on my small nite lights out side the garage. If you look at the Toyota.CA (Toyota Canada) they have a very nice Prius web site and it does list and recommend the use of the engine block heater. Canadian part # C014000885. For a few watts the engine is preheated, reduces warm-up when starting off in the AM.
I have tried thru my local dealer to purchase one, they can't find the item.
Any one out there have a USA part number?
Has your USA dealer installed it for you? :idea: :?: :?:
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I agree, I havn't spent but a winter here, on the Great Lakes where I lived we did get -20 temps for days (weeks) on end. Snow measured in the feet. The Prius has such a tiny battery I was wondering about my visits North. You have never had a problem with the vehicle hard cranking?

It would hurt to have my neighbor ask why I have to pulg my Prius in for the night.
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