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I have an almost-year-old 2004 package 0 with 11,000 miles on it. My dad has a pkg. 9 that's a month old. (He sold me the pkg. 0.)

Although I haven't driven the package 9 very much, they seem identical to me. Also, he drove the pkg. 0 1800 miles to visit me, and 1800 miles back home with the pkg. 9, same weather, route, and approx. speeds, and got the same mpg (49), even though the pkg. 0 was well-broken in (the 9 had less than 100 miles when he left) AND had synthetic oil in it.

I would've expected the 9 to get worse mileage, as not broken in (engine or tires), no synthetic oil, and additional features/weight, etc. as you mention.

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