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9 takes more energy

I agree that the option 9 package would drain the battery quite a bit more than the zero option setup. The SS/SE system is constantly using minute amounts of electricity to keep in touch with the key fob. The manual suggests disabling this feature if the car is to be left unused for more than a week because the monitoring feature of the SS/SE system will adversely drain the battery. Option 9 also has GPS which, I assume, is operative even if the nav function on the screen is not activated. I don't have a nav system in my car.
The weight difference is probably negligible; the side curtain airbags and the rear wiper would be the only weight related differences. and I can't imagine that they would add more than 30 lbs to the car's weight.
I still use my headlights during the day because I think saving an ounce of fuel is not as important as making my car more visible.
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