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DanMan32 said:
How would it know what zoom to choose? If you are referring to zooming in when you approach turns or your destination, there is an auto setting for that that will do a split screen automatically, with a zoomed in view of your approaching turn.
The Auto zoom on the Garmin GPS, for example, shows the whole route on the screen at once. As you get closer and closer to your destination, it start showing more detail since from where the car is to your destination covers less map area. It is kind of handy for some situations, but is rather useless for large distances.

I don’t know about the 2006 version, since I have a 2004, but I would much prefer an option to set the level of details shown for various zoom levels. I think they take away too much detail when zooming out so that sometimes you can’t even tell where you are (big picture). You see the car sitting on a blank screen, when you know perfectly well that you are near at least several towns.
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