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DTC codes for a 2005 Prius

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Does anybody know where I can get a listing of all of the DTC codes and what they all mean? If they are listed in a repair manual, can you please tell me which one and I can get it off the website.
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If you are going to for a download subscription, why stop at just the repair manual that has the DTCs that you are looking for? I suppose that one may not have the time/patience/file space for downloading more, but... Might as well get all of the repair manuals while you're there. I suggest getting the relevant sections of the 2004 New Car Features (and also for 2005, but there's not so much in that one). And sometimes it is useful to have an online copy of your owner's manual too.

The DTCs available from the diagnostic screen are posted at: ... e%20Chart/
(but you have to be a member of the Prius-2G yahoogroup to view the files)

Many of the DTCs read off of the OBDII port are the same between the NHW11 and NHW20 Prius. Here are the codes from a NHW11: ... eCodes.htm
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From what I can tell in the repair manual, there isn't one section with all the codes in one place. Each diagnostic section has a chart with codes relavent to that section. This is fine if you have an electronic version of the manuals, or have unlimited access to, but I see it would be cumbersome if one only had a printed copy.

I have them downloaded in PDFs so I do a search.
Any particular code you're looking for a description of?
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