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I was pleasantly surprised with the acceleration. I knew there was going to be some improvement but I really didn't realize how much.

I was driving pretty aggressively so I didn't spend much time in electric-only mode. I made several sharp turns and quick breaking runs to test stability - very impressed with the improvements in handling. Body roll was slightly higher than I like but acceptable for this category of car.

Adult seating was ample for a six-footer in the front and back at the same time. The A/C performed very well and the split zone climate control was very well executed. Other nifty features like voice activation and blue-tooth ranked high on the geek-o-meter. Interior use of plastics was noticeably different from any other recent car I've driven; they seemed less refined. Textiles on seats and door-arm rests was very similar to suede leather to the touch and initial view. I enjoyed the vast amount of compartments with which to store things in the cabin.

The exterior was no surprise except for the paint appearance of the Thailand Pearl paint - it really looked more like a smoke gray than it did green. The wheels were interesting - they have plastic rings around the edge of the face - I suppose this helps with un-sprung weight and perhaps had some aero dynamic efficiency benefits but ultimately I think its biggest benefit will be the ease in which curb-rash is repaired.

Ok, so how about that? Well, I placed my order for a White CB pkg. today. There weren't many port installed options to choose from - what with all of the stuff you can already get from the factory, but I opted for the perma-VIN window etching and vehicle protection package (I like the sound proofing sealant they use on the underside). Since I'm not a big fan of the OE wheel design, I ordered a set of these: with a set of Falken Ziex. Tire and wheels size should be 205/45-17, 5x100 PCD, +42 offset. The wheels I ordered were +45 but they should clear the fender fine.
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