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Having over 10K miles on our 2003 Prius, we have had very few complaints. This car has one of the tightest turning radiuses I have ever seen and its small size on UK roads makes it ideal for driving (here and in mainland Europe).

One complaint we have is with Toyota of Durham (NC), where we bought the car. We knew we would be moving to the UK within a month of purchase and made it VERY clear to the dealership that we would need to get the Satellite Navigation DVD for Europe when we got here. We were assured by the salesman and manager that this would not be a problem and that we could simply take the car to any Toyota dealership in the world and they would be happy to switch it out for us. THIS WAS A BOLD-FACED LIE!!!

Truth be told, when we got the car off the ship 2 months later and took it into the nearest Toyota dealership that sold the Prius we were in for a rude awakening. Not only could they not simply switch out the DVD for us...they would have to order it directly from Toyota and we would be charged the 350 for it (now over 400). Understand that with the current exchange rate... 400 is roughly equal to $733.

Contacting Toyota of Durham regarding this new information resulted in their outright denying any wrongdoing or having said what we had been told. Contacting Toyota Corporate office was unproductive as well...since we had nothing in writing stating what we had been told.

So, now a year later, our $1500 compass (that is all it is good for now...) is all but it shows our location as just off the East coast of the U.S.

Other than that, our Prius has been smooth, problem-free, and a joy to drive.

PS: To any UK/European owners out there: think we can borrow your DVD for 30 minutes to create you a back-up copy? :wink:

Harrogate, UK
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