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Took the car into the dealer for the 5000 miler. It comes out with a little reminder sticker in the upper portion of the driver's windshield with a "Quaker State" logo. It says they used 5-30 weight, but not the formulation (dino or synthetic). Nothing on the invoice but the overall charge of $64.95.

Even more puzzeling is they say to bring it back at 8000 miles (!) and they are not following the 5000 mile interval per the owner's book, or 10K in my car? From that, I would say they are using the Quaker State High Performance blend - or not a synthetic - so they can get in more oil changes than what is specified. Price of the future 8000 miler was posted as being $29.95 verses the $64.95 at the 5000 miler. At least they did rotate the tires as they also let the air out and back down to 32 psi from the 40-41psi I normally run. Runs a bit smoother and quieter although mileage did drop a few.

I did see some PID item done in June BEFORE I bought the car (new 2005) from the same dealer for $124.95 (warranty I guess). They did post the brake pad linings as 10mm fornt and 5mm back, fwiw.
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