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the bumper itself is plastic, so no surprise that a magnet won't stick. (the bumper also has a tendency to pop out some small "dents" on its own, too.)

Yes, Toyota does sell bottles of touch-up paint. The latest incarnation is of the paint pen variety, so with the new applicator the price is approaching $10. You can just go to the parts counter of your dealership and ask for one, and give them the paint color code from your car (and the currency to purchase it). May need updating, but:

You may want to look into the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act - provided that your scrape doesn't affect the item you're asking for warranty coverage, then the scrape has no bearing on your warranty. (so, for example, the scrape has nothing to do with an ECU update or a failing MFD or a bad window motor, but the scrape may cause issues with the rust-through warranty coverage if the scraped area later develops rust because you didn't patch it with touch-up paint.)

The most that your dealer will care about the scrape, is that they may have you sign off on it prior to them doing service, so that you don't accuse them later of causing the scrape when they drive it into their service bay.
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