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Do Fun and tax cut compensate?

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Do Fun and tax cut compensate? I do not think so...!!

The fact that we are non-paid testers in something with universal importance, as the world contamination control, make us deserve more exemptions and exceptions among other type of car owners.

We must receive more incentives to preserve our cars in our posession.
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I can't understand your point. I think you're suggesting that Prius owners are "guinea pigs" (usually meaning unwitting test subjects) for usually less than pleasant experiments. Or perhaps you mean we all know we're making a compromise and the power that be should afford us more tax credit and on-going financial (or other) compensation.

While I think the CA goverment is sending the wrong message to end tax credits for hybrids (especially any vehicle capable of excellent emissions and economy levels) I don't think I'm being too generous in my own choices ... I wanted a new car for daily driving, I wanted all the gadgets (nav, bluetooth, keyless) and I just would not consider any other compact/mid-size five-door on the market -- they're all really bloody boring cars!

As I posted elsewhere on this forum, the only group that should personally thank the average Prius buyer as an "early adopter" is Toyota -- and for that matter, the other car makers, especially companies like GM and Ford wanting to use Toyota technology in their hybrids ... because I think these other companies are very deliberating selling hybrids as a marketing gimmick and little else ... at least Toyota would well be trying to really do something for the world at the same time as they differentiate their fuel-efficient products.

My last "new off the show-room" purchase was a Range Rover a couple of years ago -- and Land Rover showed me a lot of appreciation, I did a focus group to discuss my next car (no, they didn't want to talk about the Prius much ... :) ) and they ask me about my needs and my various points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the car -- the first step is to ask ... then listen ... then go and bloody do something! Well, Mr Land Rover (aka Mr Ford) has built my next gas-guzzler pretty much exactly as I asked for it -- more power, lighter, better on-road, uncompromised off-road. Excellent. Now, I just need to find $100K ... didn't I ask for a _reduction_ in sticker shock!?

So my point there is to say that Mr Toyota has come very close to building a vehicle as close to perfect (in its fulfillment of its product design goals) as is possible. Strangely, I don't think the Lexus RX h is anywhere near as close to the target -- at the very least, it's not evern getting 45mpg and it's no real advance, it's just another compact SUV box. Why pay for an RX h over the 330? Certainly not to save money, not to save gas and not to save the environment ... so the RX h is purely "I got a hybrid" cachet. And seriously, I just don't believe there's many Prius owners that bought their car just to brag about the "h" word. But I digress.

I'll conclude by saying that nobody in the last year or two should be breaking their arm to pat themself on the back for buying a Prius -- it's no service to humanity or the community, it's no compromise and it's a financial advantage over just about any remotely comparable vehicle.

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nobody MADE you buy a Prius.

that was your choice. and whatever happens because of that choice is up to you to deal with.

i have to say more tax incentives would be nice. very nice. but really we don't *deserve* compensation for anything.
It's pointless to add more incentives to a car with a 2 month or longer waiting list. It's pointless to add more incentives to a car that rarely sells for under MSRP and often sells for more than MSRP. It's pointless to add more incentives to a car that doesn't lose 10% of it's value the moment you drive it off the dealer's lot.

Actually, it's the manufacturers that need incentives to get the supply up. The demand is fine. Maybe CAFE should be across the board, not segregated between cars and SUVs?
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