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tdonoughue said:
jdbower said:
As for the "your lights are on" issue, I drove my old 4Runner with them on all the time thanks to the neat Toyota feature that turns them off when you open the door. With my ML the DRLs are just the low beams like the Prius seem to be. People should hopefully get used to it eventually. Until then, you can always sneak into funeral lines...
I had totally missed the funeral line benefit! 8)

Unfortunately, on the Prius you need to still turn the headlights off. People have long reported excessive draining of the battery on the Prius if the headlight switch is left on, even with the lights actually off. Why, of course, remains a mystery...
2001 Prius. I've always used "poor man's DRLs" - leave the headlight switch on all the time, just make sure to turn the car off, then open the driver's door. (won't work if you exit out the passenger side, or if you open the door and THEN turn the lights on.)

I've never had a battery problem. Then again, I've never left the car for longer than a week. Just make sure that if you're leaving for a long trip or won't use the car for a long time to turn the headlight switch off before you go. (There's still some power in the circuit when it's left on.)

The one time I've had a 12v battery almost go flat (turn the car on and get the white screen of death - wait a bit for the car to start) was when my husband was driving the car. Out of habit, he turned the lights off. He opened the door, and then realized that I usually have the headlight switch on all the time, so he turned the lights on. Luckily, a nice neighbor knocked on the door to tell him that his lights were on, so he went out to turn the lights off and tried turning the car on. It was moments away from needing a jumpstart.

On an aside - a previous car I had did not chime if you left the lights on when you turned the car off/exited. So that I wouldn't forget the lights on (no little icon on dash), I got myself into the habit/muscle memory that whenever I turned the light switch on, I put a clothespin onto the ignition key. When I turned the lights off, I took the clothespin off. Having that clothespin there when you go to take the key out of the ignition when exiting the car made it very obvious that the headlights were still on. With my Prius, I'm just used to checking the dash before going anywhere to make sure that the lights I expect are there. I make sure that the brake light is out, the door ajar light is out, and that the little green headlight light is on, before I put the car into gear. I'm looking at the dash anyways to make sure I go into the right gear, so it's no trouble to look... (and I have driven a mile or two with my parking brake on in my early days of ownership...)
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