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MusicCityGoldenPearl'03 said:
Does anyone know where we can locate a scale model of the Prius ?
It would look really neat on my desk at work. People are always asking about my car, anyway. I might as well be able to point to it!
Look for Tomy #86. Usually it's a grey/purple
colored Prius... But I've seen about 6
different colored Tomy Prius around, including the Police car.

There's also a little pull-back
"penny racer" Prius out there...

I have a few sites in my Bookmarks on my
computer at home, but... I haven't
had a chance to boot it up to get the
links for it yet... sorry. hopefully I'll
remember later...

(My husband bought his Tomy #86 off of eBay. great transaction from a Hong Kong dealer.)

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some diecast model Prius links

I haven't ordered from any of these places, so I don't know how reliable they are, but... A few sites I used to have are no longer responding (like the one that had the Prius police-car keychain), so I culled them out of the following list.

Tomy #86:

search for "86" (6 different colors here)

Choro Q #40 "penny racer" versions:

I hear that there's also a version put out by M-Tech, but I don't have any urls handy...

good luck in your search! :)
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