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Diagnostics and Computer Codes

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Ok I guess I ventured where I shouldn't have, but had to do it anyway.

I found an area on Yahoo's Prius site that shows how to get into the diagnostics of the Prius on the touch screen computer.

I notice I have some codes stored on it. Is there anyone that can post these codes from their manuals if available for future reference, and use by others? They are 4 digit error codes.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi from New Zealand

I too have a 1999 Prius, I has come up with a ! with in a red triangle.

I would like to find out how to get the fault codes up on the display and also the meaning off any error codes. Although we have many imports the Prius is an orphan and the local toyota dealer dont wanna know

Any help greatly appreciated

The diagnostics available via the Multi Display are ONLY for AVC LAN components - NOT the engine or THS.

Engine and THS codes are available via the OBD connector.
The service manual lists both the common (US required) codes as well as some of the factory assigned codes. Any recent OBD-II or OBD-III tester can be used.

For any in-depth THS diagnostics, the THHT (Toyota Hand-Held Tester) WITH Prius updates is required.
At this time, there is NO alternative available although, there is talk of a hack effort.
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