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I contacted the fine people at Sansone Toyota (Avenel, NJ) and they
told me that while they promised me when I requested my Black Prius,
Package 6, that it would be here in 6-8 weeks, they really had no
idea that it would infact take 6-8 months. Led me to believe they
told me it would be here soon just to get me to buy it from them.
Good way to dispell the stereotypes about car dealers.

So here is my question, like an insatiable little kid, I want to get
this car, and this car alone. Does anyone have any ideas on how to
make this thing happen? I was thinking of calling other dealers to
see if they have any orphans on their lots but does anyone know
where I higher concentration of Prius cars have been allocated?

I'm already going to go with any color and any package because I
know that will increase my chances. Any more info would be greatly

Desperate in Staten Island,

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I tried two approaches and both worked (lucky??). 1- I order a car at more than one dealer. Yes, I did leave a deposit at each. I let them know that I would conceder any car that came in that no one else wanted. 2- I keep calling around all the dealers that I was willing to drive to. After one month I found an available car in Fairlawn and picked it up Friday night. I also got a call from one of the dealer I left a deposit at how had a car (when it rains it pours). So don't give up.
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