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sjb said:
I'm beginning to get an uneasy feeling...

I placed an order for a '05 Prius BI about a month ago at a dealer in the Cleveland, OH area. They required a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 and the salesman quoted me a waiting period of about 6 months and (only when I asked) stated that I was #7 on their wait list.

Since then, I've found this forum and am beginning to wonder if the statements from the dealer are accurate...especially since so much of what I've seen in the archives show people waiting longer and state that most dealers do not require a non-refundable deposit.

Should I trust what the dealer is telling me?

Anyone else out there currently waiting in the Cleveland area?

Care to share any experiences?
Don't sell your current car until you see the headlights of your Prius. I've never heard of a non-refundable deposit. Get the promised date in writing. Then if it goes over, you have some leverage of getting the deposit back if you want. Or else, kick back, have a beer, and remember it's worth waiting for. Good luck.
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